Hello world!

Hello world!

Yes, i’m finally back again. As some of you might have realized my homepage was offline for some time. I’ve had some problems with the MySQL database and hadn’t got the sparse time to fix it. Finaly everything is working again.

Im again using WordPress as Content-Management-System, wich i find quite comfortable, easy manageable and usable. I recently updatet to WordPress 2.6. You can see some impressive features in action in the video beneath this post.

Unfortunately i lost all of the contents from the old Installation. So i’m starting the whole page all over. Please be patient while things will be sprouting.

Beyond all that i also change the theme of my page from the neat “Dark Theme” from Wolfgang Bartelme to the appealing clean “Polaroid Theme” by “adii” with slightly changes by myself (flickr stream, image captions, …). I find it easier to navigate, i like the sidebars typography and less stressfull for the eyes. Hopefully you like it. Make up your own mind.

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